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heading Turn photos of faces into realistic 3D animated avatars. Talk through them,mod them, collect, and post them anywhere via our cloud. Even mate two faces to make a totally new 3D character. Express yourself today!

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  • Face Fries detects faces in photographs and turns any 2D face into a 3D character or a "face fry".
  • Use photographs in your gallery or take them using your camera from your mobile phone.
  • Modify your "face fry" and turn it into different characters.
  • Share your "face fry" on facebook and twitter and on other social networks!

Facial technology on mobile devices

FaceCo develops fun and exciting software and mobile apps using cutting edge research in computer science and psychology to spontaneously merge, modify, and animate user's faces from photographs.

Face Fries New avatar system for social networks Our first mobile app detects faces in photographs, automatically determines the gender, and turns the 2D face into a 3D animated talking character we call a "face fry".
Unique features What is different with our app?
  • 3D Modeling & animation framework
  • Automatic gender & facial point recognition
  • Face mating system
  • Variety of modifications or "mods"
Share you fry! Show off your creations on social networks
  • Capture, create, collect, and share faces
  • Send your personalized voice messages
  • Revolutionary way to communicate
  • Foster creativity and laughter


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    After only two days upon release of our app Face Fries, we are so pleased to see it jump to the top 60 in the Entertainment rankings for iPhone. Thank you so much to everyone who tried our app. Download Face Fries Now!
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    "Want Fries with your social media"? Check out some of our previous news, articles and write-ups. We would love to engage with our users and hear what you guys think. Check It Out Here...
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    Our team has prepared a simple tutorial to showcase the power and functionality of our app and technology. We hope you are as amazed as we are proud of our work. Video Gallery >>
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    Feel free to download some images for marketing pruposes. Here you can find an array of visual assets ranging from screenshots of our latest Face Fries app and Fry samples. Download Press Kit >>


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Can't wait to play more with this app and make my face and friends' faces talk! Audreyandtheipad
Locally developed FaceFries app brings social interaction to a new level News1130
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5 Star Ratings

I would look good in a video game :)

If you ever wonder what you look like if Brad Pitt was your dad, this app is made for you :p Matthieu Marcet
truly an amazing app! never seen anything like it before! jqu1jan0